First Hand Humor As any writer or performer will tell you, comedy is the most difficult of arts and skills. Cappy Hall Rearick's first hand knowledge of Southerners makes her stories ring with authentic humor and her obvious love of the characters she creates fills those stories with lots of fun and a subtle compassion.
Mary Stripling, Atlanta, Georgia
Move on over! Move over Ya Ya Sisters, Steel Magnolias and Fried Green Tomatoes. Cappy Hall Rearicks characters come alive and the reader is swept along on their journey. This author is gem. Her sentences crackle with smart talk. Her sense of humor and honest observations are priceless. Its a must read for anyone who enjoys sharp, witty writing.
Carolyn B. Fox, Tarzana, California
From a true lady of the South comes poignant, humorous, and nostalgia glimpses of Southern roots. It is a meandering down memory lane from an author who knows what meaning being a southerner is all about.
Sheila Hudson, Author
Reading Cappy Hall Rearick brings to mind Faulkner, Caldwell, even Capote. Her books embody an even older literary tradition that stretches all the way back to Dickens. Rearick's characters each carry deep flaws, some of them in the extreme, but all are believable.
Henry Mitchell, Author
Rearick’s books grip me from the first page until the very last. Her writing is captivating. Her character descriptions are vivid and well defined. Rearick emotionally draws the reader in yet always leaves the reader with the feeling that virtue and hope will succeed. She is an excellent Southern writer.
Jack Blanton, Fan
Cappy Hall Rearick is a great Southern author and humorist. She avoids melodrama and writes with rich textures and colors, creating her world in 3D.
Joan Spellman, Author
Rearick’s books are filled with humor and poignancy and hold the reader’s interest from start to finish.
Laverne H. Bardy, Syndicated Columnist
Cappy Hall Rearick has an impressive talent for drawing readers in and getting us to recall our own memories of close friends and fun adventures. There are so many things to like about her writing: first of all, her warmth and humor.
B. Sullivan, Fan
Author Cappy Hall Rearick is a prolific columnist, humorist, and muse of all things Southern. Her characters are unforgettable, the drama is almost unbearable, but you have to keep reading.
Louis N. Gruber, Fan

Maybe you'll laugh, maybe you'll cry, but you'll most certainly feel the spirit of the South as you mosey down the uncommon ground with this award winning author, Cappy Hall-Rearick - the new voice of the South.

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The other day, I dug out some of my old report cards. I had to laugh at the comments added by my teachers. As you may have expected, during the entire time I attended public school, I never once received an “A” in conduct. From the first grade through the twelfth, the same comments were [...]

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I Woof For Coon Dog Day

When Babe and I discovered Saluda, North Carolina, we bought a house. Saluda is a dear little town and what began as our second home has now become our permanent digs. These days I write while listening to the chirping of birds instead of the hum of air conditioners. Although I loved winter life on St. [...]

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Babe has been in a funk for days, slumping around the house, gazing out the window and picking at his food. When I see him scraping a half-eaten plate of spaghetti into Tallulah Blankhead's bowl, I freak. The man has never dumped anything remotely edible into anything other than his mouth. Grabbing the thermometer from [...]

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Mary Sue’s princess training took place back in the Sixties. At that time, Heloise was the Dr. Phil of housewifery, the self-anointed Kitchen Queen. While Mary Sue was reading and reciting Heloise to anyone with ears, including her cockatoo, I was memorizing the paperback version of Peg Bracken’s I Hate to Housekeep Book. Heloise wrote [...]

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I lived here once, in a house on this site. Nothing left now but a pile of bricks and one reclining sentinel, its soul nailed to the crossbars of life, with weeds snaking over, around and under.  I lived here once, on this plot, this gaping hole.  I squat, dig in the dirt, hungry for [...]